Our grandson Declan Christopher Weaver

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3 years 8 months old and I am getting on Grandpa and Grandma's Angus bull statue in Grandma's flower bed. I am sure Bob the Bull, as Grandpa calls him, will not mind much.


I am now 2 years old. I am all boy and just as fun as this pictures shows I am.
I know it looks like I am taking a selfie but I'm not. Mom and dad won't give me my own phone yet.
What is up with that!


Here I am at 15 months. I like spaghetti. I am walking all over the place.
My dad says it is hard to keep up with me. Still enjoying life to it's fullest.


Here I am at 4 months. They tell me I came into this world a little early. I heard
something like 3 1/2 pounds. No hill for a stepper I say.
Here I am now at 11 pounds and enjoying life to it's fullest.


Me and mom just hangin' out.

 Me and dad having a good laugh


"Go ISU Cyclones!"



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