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Click on the link below to see pictures and the information on the Twin Oaks Angus bulls and young Angus cow/calf pairs to be sold in our sale on May 16th, 2011 at the Dunlap Livestock Auction in Dunlap, IA. 

Like all our past sales, you will find these bulls are developed on a high roughage diet, not fattened or fed hard like a feedlot steer. 

Selling 14 yearling Angus bulls
5 young Angus cow calf pairs

Click Here To see our offering selling May 16th, 2012

The following are a couple of links to see a few  pictures of past selling Twin Oaks Angus Farm genetics.

Click here to see a few pictures of bulls and heifers we sold May 19th 2010

Click Here For Pictures of SAV Bandolier 1916 Heifers sold in past sales

Click Here For Amateur Pictures of a few SAV Bandolier 1916 Bulls sold in past sales


Please contact us for yearling Angus bulls

Calves will be sired by
     TO 1916 Bandolier 633   *   TO 701 In Focus 925
Big Rok Northern Lad 708   *   Big Rok Ole 450  

Some of the sires of the cows these calves
are out of
 SAV Bandolier 1916   *   GKAF Rito 837  *   Big Rok Ole 450   
TO 1916 Bandolier 633   *    Big Rok Traveler 517 

Out of these cow families
Lucy  *  Beauty
  *  Hyalite  *  Eldorene  *  Elluna  *  Pride  *  Polly  *  Lass  *  Lassie
Primrose Lady  *   Forever Lady  *  Prairie Pride  *  Blackcap Bell  *  Bessies Bando
Miss Pride  *  Blackbird Blossom  *  Everelda Entense

Twin Oaks Angus Farm
1042 County Rd 318
Fayette, MO 65248
712 579-5000