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Here is a picture of SAV Bandolier 1916 at 24 months of age, taken one month after we pulled him out the pasture at the end of August, after breeding 25 cows naturally and settling them all on the first heat in the 2003 SW Iowa drought. 

This picture not only shows the power and muscle of this bull but also his long neck, smooth shoulders, length of body, natural depth, natural thickness and growth. 

With the short feed in front of him most of the year he has done a tremendous job developing and staying in flesh. 

His performance is bred in not fed on and he will sire very feminine, easy fleshing, deep made, long bodied females and thick, deep, stout, long made bulls with excellent scrotal size, that will perform. 

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S A V Bandolier 1916
Registration #
DOB 09/06/01

BW    WW   YW
    88           789       1215  

Scrotal Size 39 cm at 1yr of age
Hip Height 56.5 inches at 24 mo of age
Weight 2050 at 24 mo of age

Click on his Reg. # above to see his excellent epd's.

There is a limited amount of semen. 
$100.00 per straw. 
Certificates $40.00 each. 

All semen collected at
Hawkeye Breeders Service, Inc. in Adel, IA
Here are a couple of amateur pictures of 2 Bandolier 1916 weanlings taken 08/13/04.
The calves were weaned July 4th, no creep. 
Sorry we did not get some professional pictures taken. 
TO 1916 Bandolier 404
Bull DOB 01/02/04; BW 72 pounds
He weighed 808 pounds on 08/26/04
A stout made, deep bodied weanling 
TO 1916 Beauty 417
Heifer DOB 01/20/04; BW 72 pounds
She weighed 605 pounds on 08/26/04
The heifers are developed to be a cows, not fed to be fat.
 Look at the femininity and length of this 2004 heifer.

Click here to see more pictures of SAV Bandolier 1916 progeny.

Semen has sold all over the United States and in Australia and Canada as well. We encourage you to join the many cattle producers who have already purchased semen on this powerful SVF Bandolier x Boyd Forever Lady 7122 son. 

There is a limited amount of semen.
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Other USA distributors:
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SAV Bandolier 1916 is without question is an outstanding individual with a pedigree to match being out of some of the highest sought after genetics of the day.

“Bandolier 1916”
was an ET calf and even though the larger recip mothers have a great impact on the birth weight and size of the calf at birth, check out his
very respectable birth weight and excellent weaning weight. He ran in grass only after he was weaned and did not receive any other feed other than grass until after he was a year old. In fact, it was December of 2002 he was first fed silage. With that said, take a look at the Adj. 365 day weight this bull turned in running on grass.

We purchased SAV Bandolier 1916 from Schaff Angus Valley’s 2003 bull sale. Although Kelly Schaff did not do any ultrasound work on the bulls that were sold, we selected Bandolier 1916 because of the tremendous performance, production, and carcass traits that both his sire and dam possess.

As you can see he is a powerful, long made bull that is very correct and when you get behind him he has a great hip and excellent top. You can see the long neck and smooth shoulders which indicates no calving problems. He has a great disposition.

01/04/06 Flash: Many visitors all make the same type of  comments. 
Example: "How impressive and structurally correct his sons and daughters are with excellent performance on their high roughage diet". 
"What an impressive sire group. The sons all have length, thick butts and tops, loads of volume, the females are long, feminine, while still being so thick and deep". 
"These 1916 heifers will make tremendous beef cows". 
"They are all so easy fleshing". 
"You sure can see his strong maternal traits in his heifers".

That is what we hear over and over. We invite you to come see for yourself at the EAGA development center. Big nutted powerful bulls, beautiful well placed udders with small teats on his 1st calf daughters.

05/20/05 Update: Many visitors from different regions of the USA say the Bandolier 1916 daughters are the best yearling heifers they have ever seen. They are feminine, long bodied, have excellent depth and thickness. 

02/18/05 Flash:
30 calves from the second calf crop out of "Bandolier 1916" are here with more coming. Calves out of 1st calf heifers and cows have all come unassisted and nothing over 80 pounds at Twin Oaks Angus Farm. The calves have small heads, slanted shoulders, and are long bodied.
Calving reports like this have been received from many cattle producers across the country with repeat semen orders from these producers.

10/29/04 Update: Bandolier genetics continue to be one of the highest sought after genetics in the Angus breed. The cattle programs that have acquired these genetics have found out that this is not hype, they get the job done in the cowherd, in the feedlot, and on the rail.

The first weaning weight data on SAV Bandolier 1916 calves was turned in and his calves has caused him to have a weaning ratio of 107 in our Twin Oaks Angus Farm herd.

This data, along with his moderate birth weights of his calves, will show up in the 2005 sire summary. It will lower his BW EPD and will show why his WW EPD is so strong.

02/01/04 Flash: The first calves out of "Bandolier 1916" out of 1st calf heifers are here in 2004, all have come unassisted and have an average birth weight of 70 pounds. Nothing over 75 pounds yet. Watch his birth EPD drop the next report. The calves have small heads, slanted shoulders, and are long bodied.

03/10/03 Update:
After the calves are 30 days old they show a lot of muscle expression. They have a wide top, excellent length and depth of body, and a thick rear quarter. They are attractive and have a lot a growth.

Chris Earl of Sunny Valley Farms says "Bandolier 1916" is the best living son of SVF Bandolier to date and will be using him in their program because of his strong belief in the power and production of both his sire and dam and cow families behind them. 

With semen nearly impossible to find on his sire SVF Bandolier and the demand for genetics out of his famous dam "Forever Lady 7122", along with all the great cows in his pedigree, the popularity of "Bandolier 1916" has been growing at a very rapid pace. 

There is no doubt the the Industry has discovered the value of SVF Bandolier genetics and like other breed giants they found him when semen was almost non-existent. The sales of SVF Bandolier daughters at the 2003 Denver National Western Female sale speaks for itself. One daughter, SVF Everelda Entense 28L, sold for $34,000.00 for 1/2 interest and another, SVF Forever Lady 109L, sold for $25,000.00 for 1/2 interest. SVF Forever Lady 109L is bred very close to "Bandolier 1916." In the recent 2003 Riverbend Ranch Female sale a "Bandolier" daughter, Riverbend Blackbird 2313, top the sale at $71,000.00 and the second top selling heifer calf, Riverbend Forever Lady 3019, sold for $15,000.00 1/2 interest.

The dam of "Bandolier 1916", Boyd Forever Lady 7122, is not just another cow. She is a daughter of the famous SVF Forever Lady 57D, who has generated over 1 million dollars in sales to date. "7122" was the high selling cow in the Gallagher's Angus Estate Liquidation sale selling to Falcon Seaboard Ranches. She is a full sister to the popular AI sire Boyd New Day 8005, the $90,000.00 Boyd Forever Lady 8003 and a flush sister to the $112,500.00 for 1/2 interest Boyd Forever Lady 7120. Take the time to look at the excellent performance and carcass epd’s on all these Forever Lady progeny. Everyone who has got the chance to see “7122” all say the same thing. She is a feminine, long, powerful made female and the word “awesome” is used a lot. Her offspring are very sought after. 

Please continue to read below for more pictures and information on the cattle that are behind SAV Bandolier 1916.

His Sire:  SVF Bandolier (semen sells for $1,700.00 per straw if you can find it.) The rare and valuable SVF Bandolier is the 4th highest ultrasound Ribeye bull in the breed with an accuracy of 79% or above. He ranks:
Top 1% among current sires for Ultrasound Ribeye Area EPD;
Top 4% percent for Ultrasound Percent Retail Product EPD;
Top 15% percent for Ultrasound %IMF EPD;
Top 10% for Weaning Weight EPD;
Top 2% for Milk EPD;
Top 5% for Yearling Weight EPD;
Click on his name above to see his excellent epd's.

SVF Bandolier was the top-indexing calf with a weaning ratio of 115 and a yearling ratio of 116 in his calf crop at Sunny Valley Farms. He is being called "The most complete and muscled carcass bull of the breed". Chris Earl of Sunny Valley Farm has reported that SVF Bandolier could very well be the best bull ever produced by Sunny Valley Farm and Doug Hoff of Hoff's Scotch Cap Angus Ranch says SVF Bandolier puts more muscle in his calves than any bull he has used. SVF Bandolier maintains 99 daughters at 103 for WR while also maintaining 195 scans for IMF at 103 and 197 scans for REA at 104.

His Dam: Boyd Forever Lady 7122 selected as the $30,000 top-selling bred heifer of the 1999 Boyd Sale going to Sunset Valley. Both "7122" and her famous dam rank in the top one percent among current dams for Weaning Wt. EPD, Milk EPD, and Yearling Wt. EPD. "7122" also ranks in the top one percent for Ultrasound Ribeye Area EPD and recording a progeny weaning ratio of 107 on her first two natural calves, with a daughter who weaned her first calf with a ratio of 115. "7122" generated $50,000 in progeny sales with her very first progeny in the Sunset Valley First Production Sale to follow in the productive tradition of her famous dam. "7122" is moving in on the $100,000.00 mark in progeny sales in the last 19 months.

Updated News: On 08/24/03 "7122" topped the Gallagher's Angus Estate Liquidation sale selling to a great cattle program, Falcon Seaboard Ranches, for $29,000.00.
The full sister to "7122", Boyd Forever Lady 8003, sold in the Kahn dispersal for $90,000.00. 
On 09/08/03 a flush sister to "7122", Boyd Forever Lady 7120, sold 1/2 interest for $112,500.00. 

This shows how highly sought after this cow family and cow power is.

His Grandam:  SVF Forever Lady 57D was the featured Lot 1 cow in the Twin Hills Dispersal where she brought $65,000 to earn her place among the most prominent donors in the Angus breed. She has generated over 1 million dollars in sales to day. Ranking in the top one percent among current dams for Weaning Weight EPD, Milk EPD and Yearling Weight EPD, this one of a kind female produced her first natural calf in the AHIR program with a birth ratio of 95 combined with weaning and yearling ratios of 120 and 130 respectively while recording a progeny IMF ratio of 106 and a progeny ultrasound ribeye ratio of 103 on four head with 15 daughters in production who post a collective progeny weaning ratio of 109. An impressive array of other outstanding progeny of this cow are highlighted by Boyd Forever Lady 810 who sold one-half interest for $50,000 to Falcon Seaboard Ranches as the top-selling female of 2001 Boyd Sale and her flushmates which include the $24,000 Whitestone and Kahn donor Toebben Forever Lady 150H, the Toebben and Wellington donor Toebben Forever Lady 157H and the $17,000 Kemmer herd sire Boyd Just Right 812, with others including the $30,000 Circle G and Greenwood donor Circle A Forever Lady 9099, the $31,000 Gilbreath and JAC 's donor Circle A Forever Lady 9077, the $35,000 Mindemann and Sandy Campbell donor Toebben Forever Lady 104G, the $30,000 KMK donor Toebben Forever Lady 097G and numerous others, with a flush being the $53,000 top-selling lot of the 2001 Twin Hills Production Sale.

"7122's" flush brother, Boyd New Day 8005, was the $32,000.00 1999 National Western Angus Sale Grand Champion. He was the 1999 ROV Junior Bull Calf of the Year. He is a very popular and highly used AI sire.




"7122's" full sister, Boyd Forever Lady 8003, is a very popular past National Western Reserve Heifer Calf Champion who produced as her first natural calf the $20,000.00 Genex/CRI sire SAV 8180 Traveler 004. "8003" went on to be the $50,000 second top-selling cow of the High Field dispersal to Kahn Cattle Company."8003" then was the $90.000.00 feature at the Kahn Dispersion.  


"7122's" flush sister, Boyd Forever Lady 7120, produced the top-selling $20,000.00 and second-top-selling $10,000.00 bulls in the 2003 Boyd Bull Sale as well as the $18,000.00 Boyd Forever Lady 1002. On 09/08/03 1/2 interest in "7120" sold for $112,500.00. 



A "Bandolier 1916" flush sister: Sunset Forever Lady 1901. Here are three pictures of her at different ages . The many time champion who was the $20,000.00 top-selling female of a past Sunset Valley sale at 1 month of age.


"1901" is co-owned by Maplecrest Farms, Hillsboro, Ohio and Boyd Beef Cattle, May's Lick, Kentucky.
"1901", the flush sister to "Bandolier 1916", was named Sr. Champion Female at the 2003 North American International Livestock Expo Jr. Angus Show in Louisville.  The owners of "1901" felt this was a fitting end to her show career.  She is pictured with her 1st calf by Future Direction.
As I stated earlier, "1901" had a very successful show career but her owners firmly believe that her best days are ahead of her as a donor.  If her 1st calf by Future Direction is any indication of her potential, the genetic possibilities will be exciting. All those who have seen this female were very impressed.

Another "Bandolier 1916" flush sister: Sunset Valley Lady 1902. One of the top selling heifers in a past Sunset Valley sale selling 1/2 interest to Whitestone Farm, Aldie, VA.




Kelly Schaff has said that this has to be one of the top bred Bandolier sons that has sold at public auction.

Join the many top programs that have calves out of SAV Bandolier 1916, the bull that combines the rare genetics of the powerful muscled carcass sire SVF Bandolier and the highly sought after cow Boyd Forever Lady 7122, who has so many fabulous cows and cow families behind her. It is exciting.

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