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Amateur pictures of a few SAV Bandolier 1916 bulls and
 one GKAF Rito 837 bull that sold in 2006
 at Dunlap Livestock Auction, Dunlap, IA


TO 837 Rito 505   Reg: 15082400
Birth Date:01/05/2005


TO 1916 Bandolier 515   Reg: 15082407
Birth Date: 01/19/2005


TO 1916 Bandolier 516   Reg: 15082408
Birth Date: 01/20/2005


TO 1916 Bandolier 524   Reg: 15082416
Birth Date: 02/01/2005


TO 1916 Bandolier 526   Reg: 15082417
Birth Date: 02/05/2005


DCC Bandolier 670R
   Reg: 15254236  pictured at 10 months of age.
Birth Date: 03/21/2005,  Birth Wt 81 lbs., Adj. Weaning 793 lbs., WR 108.
Dam's production: Cow: BR 4@ 98;  WR 4@ 103;  YR 2@ 102.
I just thought I would show you a sample of a "1916" son
 who was raised and owned by Derry Cattle Co. from Woods, SD.

This bull was offered in their annual Bull Sale
on April 6, 2006 at their ranch in Wood, SD.

I really like his style, pattern, and performance.
Congratulations to the DCC folks. I am told that several donors are
scheduled to be flushed to SAV Bandolier 1916 in Woods, SD.


DCC Holly's Bandolier
   Reg: 15109834.
Birth Date: 02/15/2005,  Birth Wt 93 lbs., Adj. Weaning 710 lbs., WR 101,
Adj. Yearling 1243 lbs., YR 102, Final Weight 1313, Scrotal 38

%IMF 3.30, REA 13.1 on a Scan wt. of 1190 (ratio 109.9 of the 678 bulls selling), BF 0.18
A "1916" son developed on the high roughage diet fed at the 
 Midland Bull Test, MT. Owned by Dubas Cattle Co. from Fullerton, NE

This bull was offered at the Midland Bull Test Sale
on April 7, 2006 at Columbus, MT.


Hey Brian--thought you might like to see a couple of pics of a 1916 son that I sold last year. He was the one that was judged to be the "Ideal Range Bull" at the Tri-County bull sale in Templeton, CA. He started the sale and brought $5500.  Dam was  a Gardens Prime Time daughter. 
Sorry the pics are just amateur ones.
Have a nice day--Greg

This bull was sold by Greg Furtado of Turlock, California in 2006.


I have enclosed a picture and the caption that the Angus Association put with the picture.  He weighed 1835 pounds and won't be 2 until May 10th. He had an actual BW of 74 lbs, adj WW 702, and adj YW 1289.  He scanned 4.03 %IMF. GeneStar shows he has 5 of the 6 Tenderness stars and all 8 Feed Efficiency strars. You can really see the width through his chest and his depth.  I am kind of sad to see him gone.  He was a lot of fun to work with. 
reserve intermediate champion bull
Houks Bandolier H196 Reg # 15383707 won reserve intermediate champion bull at the 2008 Iowa Beef Expo Angus Show and Sale, February 13 in Des Moines, Iowa. Curt Houk, Blakesburg, Iowa, consigned the winning bull. Photo by American Angus Association.

This bull was sold by Curt Houk, IA in 2008.