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Pictures of SAV Bandolier 1916 open heifers that sold
in 2006 at Dunlap Livestock Auction, Dunlap, IA

Click Here For Amateur Pictures of a few SAV Bandolier 1916 Bulls

It was hard to part with these SAV Bandolier 1916 heifers. We really like the overall pattern this bull is stamping his calves with. The heifers are structurally correct, thick topped, deep made, with good length and still stay feminine.

It is not hard to see the quality that this Bandolier 1916 bull sires. All of the performance information is on our web site. These heifers were never pushed. They were developed to gain 2 pounds a day on a high roughage diet. They were developed in big lots with 70 to 80 other heifers in each lot. They were sorted into lots of 50 head per lot.

Thank you for all the calls and folks who have come to look at our cattle.

Brian Weaver


TO 1916 Lucy 520   Reg: 15082412
Birth Date: 01/24/2005


TO 1916 Lucy 531   Reg: 15082422
Birth Date: 02/22/2005


TO 1916 Hyalite 533   Reg: 15082424
Birth Date: 02/27/2005


SSR Missy 3036
Reg: 15599667 
Birth Date: 09/23/2006

Grand champion female and Arkansas-bred champion, SSR Missy 3036,
by Sugar Springs Ranch, Lincoln. She’s a Sept. 2006 daughter of SAV Bandolier 1916.