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We are not using the ACS On-Line Auction at this time

Please click here --> ACS Classifieds Auction  to view and bid on a current e-mail auction, if there is one running

Visitors to the ACS On-Line Auction

The Rules Have Been Updated ---- PLEASE READ THEM


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ACS On-Line Auction


Rules For ACS On-Line Auction

1. You will have to register on the ACS On-Line Auction page before you can bid. Once you are registered you will be e-mailed a password right away that must be used with your UserName that you typed in when you registered. You can change your password to a password that is easier for you to remember and that new password must then be used with your UserName. You will be issued a bidding number automatically and that number will be displayed only when you bid. The UserName you choose, your password, and bidding number remains with your registered profile for only the current ACS On-Line Auction that is running.
Please Notice: After the ACS On-Line Auction is over all registered profiles will be removed. You have to register everytime there is a new On-line Auction so you will be given a new bidding number. This will keep your bidding secure and no one will know who you are. You must login before you can bid.

2. For production sales, there will be groups of entries that will close at different times. The number of entries per group will be decided by the seller. The cattle from group 1 will close at 6:00 pm CST, then the cattle from group 2 will close one half hour later at 6:30 pm CST and the cattle in group 3 will close at 7:00 pm CST and so on. The reason for this is if there were cattle in group 1 that you had bids and you did not get them, you still will be able to participate and bid on the cattle in the other groups. Each entry will have the group number listed. Pay close attention to when the entry closes. 

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: As mentioned above the auction will be closed by groups at different times but there is a built in module in the ACS On-Line Auction software that keeps track of a thing called "sniping." The website will automatically extend the closing time on an auction if a bid is placed within the time limit set by the following module setting called (giAutoExtendMinutes). This will prevent bidders from "sniping" an auction. This is when a bidder does not bid on an auction at all until the auction is about to close in the hopes that he will keep the winning bid price lower if there are other bidders. Right now the extended time will be 10 minutes. This extension time can be changed but we will leave it at 10 minutes to see if that will be the right amount of time.

3. The entries on the On-Line Auction will automatically be closed down by the ACS website. The sale of each lot will go to the highest bidder at that time. It is suggested that you do not wait until the last second to bid. Decide your top dollar amount and bid by proxy without delay. The website will take your proxy bid and will bid for you and try to buy your selecton at the lowest price possible.
(The proxy bid amount will only be known by you.)

4. All shipping expense is the responsibility of the buyer. The seller can be contacted for help in finding trucking.

5. The seller will be responsible for all transfers of registration and health papers.

6. Nothing moves until the seller is paid unless otherwise arranged before the sale with the seller.

7. Payment will be made directly to the seller and the seller pays ACS it's commission.




Would you like to have an entry on the ACS On-Line Auction?
If you would,
Click Here.... and we will discuss it.
Be sure to include your name, address, phone &/or e-mail address.

Once an ACS On-Line Auction is determined to be held, we will
 run your entry upon receipt of $10.00 per entry that will run for
 2 weeks or $20.00 per entry that will run for 30 days.
 1 photo may be included at an additional $10.00.

Mail your check to: Brian Weaver * 1337 River Avenue * Harlan, IA  51537

A 10% commission will be charged on the total selling
 price for sales of semen or embryos and 5% on livestock.