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12/21/15  (01)---                         SLA Queen Mother 5015                                                         

Yes, its that time of year again.  I am in the process of getting the website updated, but wanted to get this picture to you.  This is the heifer we are selling in Denver at the Female Foundation sale on January 15th,
2016.  Her reg # is  +18252219

SpringLake Angus
Gene & Kelcey Timperley
50077-888th Road
Lynch, NE  68746

Click here to E-mail SpringLake Angus Cattle
"Where The Legacy of RR Rito 707 Continues"




07/17/15  (12)---               Oneills Marshall Lad Reg # +17362747                                                     
Click here to see a video of this bull

A double bred Traveler 124 with bone, substance and carcass.
Traveler 124 was known worldwide by the daughters he sired,  they were and are still some of the most highly valued cows of the Angus Breed.
Oneills Marshall Lad had a 75 lb BW, and adjusted WW of 877 lbs, and an adjusted scan weight of 1339, when scanned on Feb 2, 1013.
He ratio'd 161 for IMF (5.05 Adjusted) and 114 for RE (17.1 Adjusted)
The DNA profile has confirmed the scan data and indicate that he should be well above breed average for IMF and RE while carrying a modest -.001 for fat.
The DNA profile has confirmed a solid CW EPD of +30.
Click here --> ONeills DELIA 720 to see the donor dam of Oneills Marshall Lad

His dam is a flushmate sister to Oneills Adventure K325, and a full sister to Oneills Expedition. A maternal sister to Oneills Lucky Boy and Oneills Power Force. The cow family puts it all together.
This is the cow family that is primarily responsible for the 97.5% choice and prime that we are currently running on the commercial feedlot cattle, as we have used the sons of Expedition, Adventure, Lucky Boy, and Power Force in the commercial cowherd and have retained daughters of the above bulls in both the registered cowherd and the purebred commercial cowherd.

Click here --> ONeills Adventure K325 to see the donor dam's flushmate brother.

The picture of his dam's flushmate brother should indicate where the length, the power, the muscle, the correct structure is coming from.

Above is Oneills Delia 770  Reg# 17876931 a maternal sister to Oneills Marshall Lad.
 Her actual ultrasound figures at 332 days of age are an impressive
8.63 IMF, 15.4" REA, with a scan weight of 1160 pounds.

Here is the adjusted figures: 9.00 IMF, 16.6 REA, scan weight 1318 pounds.

Click here to see a video of this heifer

If you have further questions regarding this bull, please contact:
Fred Maifeld or Al Rosendahl 319-240-6770  Click here to e-mail Al

Jim O'neill   402-680-3171   Click here to e-mail Jim



07/17/15  (6)                           Suhn's Patriot 440W    Reg # R73071013

Latest comments from James: This bull is really doing a nice job. His first  bulls to sell here will be 18 months this fall!  Best disposition uniform set of bulls we have ever raised! Bulls have that touch of ear look ! The touch of ear is going to be big in the future! Your commercial guys like it and they don’t have to use the dirty word Brahma! 
IT WORKS! For a Touch of ” EAR” try a  Brangus or Ultrablack!!!!

Patriot is one of the neatest Brangus bulls I have ever owned. I purchased Patriot because of his phenotype, which is very popular in our area! He is like a kitten for disposition, looks like a meat machine in his 4-year-old rig!

Patriot was purchased when I found in a pedigree search that Mr. Glenn Brinkman had used a daughter of Shoshone Viking to create the cow family! One half interest in Patriot had sold to TJM Brangus owned by Mr. Jack Moore, a very prominent and respected Brangus breeder, in Vern and Vicki Suhn sale! Called Vern to see if Jack would sell!  He was brought to NW Missouri in June of 2013. Both my son “Chad” and Patriot HAD A BIG SMILE ON their MUGS when we turned him out on Brome pasture.” Most of our cows go back to Beaufort of Wye! A bull I have much respect for!  Suhn Patriot 440W is a proven sire with progeny all ready topping sales!...... He is DDF!

BW: -1.1
WW: 26
YW:  47
REA:  0.68
IMF: 0.16
FAT:  -0.004
MILK:  10
SC:  20
Maternal M&G: 23
CE:  4.7

Breeding Angus for 50 years and Brangus since 1968!
James Ottmann
Valley View Ranch
P.O. Box 22
Rock Port, Missouri  64482
816-387-7322 cell
Click here to e-mail James