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If you as a seller sell something off of this site, you cannot send the money back to the buyer because of a change of mind or circumstances unless you contact the buyer and the buyer contacts me and says it is alright. If the buyer says it is alright, you will not get the selling fee returned and you must pay the full selling price to the buyer. 

This business has always been on the honor system and your word is your bond. If it is fractured, you will not be able to buy or sell off of this site.


Updated Price For Sale: Angus semen from SAV Bandolier 1916 reg # 14098832. $30.00 per straw. Click on the reg # to see his epd's and pedigree. E-mail to purchase this entry for USA delivery.  

Certificates $40.00 each. 

Ruth and I  have decided to slow down some and sell down. We also have decided to reduced the prices of all our owned and raised bull semen to move our semen inventory. Go to the ACS Classifieds Semen page and see what all we are offering for sale.

Thank you to all of you who have purchased SAV Bandolier 1916 semen.

As many will testify his calves are fantastic, having excellent muscle, depth, and growth. It is pretty rare to have a SVF Bandolier son out of the tremendous donor Boyd Forever Lady 7122 along with all the other highly proven, performance cows behind him.

Don't miss this opportunity.

BW 88; WW 789; YW 1215.
A powerful son of SVF Bandolier and Boyd Forever Lady 7122.
Pictured as a 2 year old.

With the natural muscle, depth, and length of body and with the rare and valuable semen on his sire selling for $1500.00 and up at auctions when you can find it and the extreme popularity of his dam and her flush sisters, semen is selling to top cattle operations all across the country. 

This bull has the genetics behind him to sire maternal, muscle, and carcass.

Click here to see a bigger picture and read all about this bull, his powerful sire, his famous dam, his phenomenal grand dam, and his beautiful flush sisters. See why so many have ordered semen on this herd sire and who want to be one of the first in their area to have SAV Bandolier 1916 offspring.

Chris Earl of Sunny Valley Farms says SAV Bandolier 1916 was one of the best sons of SVF Bandolier born to date.  

Twin Oaks Angus Farm inventory is stored where the semen was collected at Hawkeye Breeders Service in Adel, IA.

E-mail to purchase this entry for USA delivery.

To call Twin Oaks use the Advantage Cattle Service phone 712 744-4613 and leave a message.

Other USA distributors:
Universal Semen Sales
Great Falls, MT
800 227-8774
E-mail Universal Semen Sales

For Sale: Angus semen from Wachter Fame W88, reg. # 13158510 ,#1 $ Weaning Value Bull in Angus Breed, +47.82, check Spring, 2009 Sire Evaluation Report, # 1 Indexing Bull at Iowa Angus Bull Test, daily gain 4.96, ratio 127, WW 842 lbs, YW 1516 lbs, rato 114,
EPD's BW +.1, WW 67, YW 90, CED +10, CEM +13, Milk +25, 3000 straws semen used on heifers, no problems reported.

To purchase off of the ACS site, E-mail to purchase this entry.
List 04/15 2m
For Sale: Angus semen from YA Image Maker 623 Reg. # 15504668. Click on the reg # to see his pedigree and EPD’s. Semen $20.00 per straw, certificates $??.?? each.

NR 109;  WR 115;  GR116;  IMFr 109;  REAr 106.

This bull traces to Rito 707 over 40 times and is double bred to the great Black Bell 442 cow.

Image Maker has 124 daughters posting a 103 NR.

Image Maker 623 is sure to leave his mark on the breed.

Owned by Younkin Angus Ranch, Yadon Angus, and Misty Dean Farms.
For more information you can  E-mail Younkin Angus Ranch

To purchase off of the ACS site, E-mail to purchase this entry.
List 03/29 2m

For Sale: Angus semen from T L Bandolier 53D-802 Reg. # 14621916. Click on the reg # to see his pedigree and EPD’s. $20.00 per straw, certificates $30.00 each or $20.00 each for 5 or more ordered at one time. Semen collected and stored at Hawkeye Breeders, Adel, Iowa.

Pictured as a coming 3 year old- with a just-right weight of 2355# and a just-right frame of 58" tall.

Calved: 3/29/03; BW 78; Adj WW 764; Adj. YW 1255
Sire: S V F Bandolier
Dam: Hyline Pride Lucy 611- WWR-3@114, YWR-2@110

The first calf crop by this powerful Bandolier son was just what we wanted- BW ratio- 99 (actual avg. 78.5#), Adj. WW ratio 103.
A son was our top weaning bull at 798#. Bandolier 802's bulls and heifers both show real beef characteristics of thickness and sound structure. 802 carries his weight in a balanced package that will result in excellent longevity. His legs and stifle are plenty thick and set just right. His feet have never been trimmed, but look like they have.  

And on top of a great pedigree and performance, he has genetically tested to have 8 STARS under the Bovigen GeneSTAR marker system- Quality 2-1 and Tenderness 2-1-2.


Updated Picture  FLASH- We liked the looks of Turtlerock Bandolier P43, a fall bull calf by Bandolier 802, so we weighed and GeneSTAR tested him at 4-1/2 months of age. "P43" weighed 620# so he is on track for a 900# weaning weight- and his GeneSTAR rating is: Quality 1-1 and Tenderness 2-2-2. P43 carries 8 STARS- one each of marbling, and ALL 6 TENDERNESS MARKERS. Being a second generation 8 STAR bull should further enhance his ability to lock-in the DNA markers.
By using Bandolier 802 in our herd, we expect to breed many more calves that "stack" gene markers, much like top carcass and ultrasound pedigrees are bred for generational improvement. Contact us to order semen if you would like to do this as well.

For more information you can  E-mail Turtle Rock Angus  

Turtle Rock Angus  www.turtlerockangus.com

To purchase off of the ACS site, E-mail to purchase this entry.  List 03/08 2m


For Sale: Angus semen from BCC-JCL Emblazon 038-287 Reg. # 14346471. Click on the reg # to see his pedigree and EPD’s. $20.00 per straw, certificates $30.00 each.

            Pictured at 2 1/2 years of age

An Emblazon son with growth, IMF and $B who ratioed 108 @ weaning, 109 @ Yearling, 101 for IMF and 121 for REA against 036's 878's, Bushwackers, Future Directions and E161's.
Are you getting the results you expect from your breeding program? Or have your cows become too big
for your environment? Have you “chased numbers”, and are now left with high maintenance, terminal type cows that simply can’t maintain their body condition well enough to breed back? If you need a dose of function, without sacrificing feedlot profitability and end product merit, 287 is the bull for you. A rare Emblazon son well above breed average for growth, IMF and $B, he’ll
add volume and fleshing ability in a visually stunning, low birth package!
                                                                          Pictured at 8 months of age.
Byrd Cattle Company and JCL Cattle are different than most purebred breeders. We have only one goal
We don’t get carried away by fads and trends that will ultimately take you one step forward, then two steps back. We breed cost efficient, functional cattle backed by elite genetics and dependable data, yet, unlike most purebred breeders, we realize all the data in the world won’t tell you about attitude, udder quality, mothering ability and the ability of a cow to wean a calf and breed back in a harsh environment, every year. At BCC and JCL, these intangibles have a direct effect on the most important trait of all

For more information you can  E-mail Byrd Cattle Co.  

Byrd Cattle Company  www.byrdcattleco.com 

To purchase off of the ACS site, E-mail to purchase this entry.  List 02/15 3m

For Sale: Angus semen from O C C LA Grande 639L Reg. # 14045328. Click on the reg # to see his pedigree and EPD’s. $15.00 per straw, certificates $30.00 each. 

At Lau Cattle Company our focus is to produce moderate sized, high volume, easy doing cattle that will perform on grass or in the feedlot. 

Our females are easy fleshing and milk hard enough to express the genetic potential of their offspring, breed back on time and stay around a long, long time. 

Our females are deep sided, structurally correct with picture perfect udders and disposition you and your family will enjoy being around. We focus on the balanced traits that
made the Angus breed what it is today.

For more information you can  E-mail Lau Cattle Company Inc.
Lau Cattle Company Inc.
Marty E. Lau
1310 West Silver Sioux Road • Quimby, IA 51049
(712) 445-2247 • (712) 229-3973

To purchase off of the ACS site, E-mail to purchase this entry.  List 01/25 6m
For Sale: Angus semen from O W Designer 10 registration #13749173. Click on the reg # to see his pedigree and EPD’s. $12.00 per straw, certificates $35.00 each.

A balanced trait sire ranking in the top 2% of the breed for both $W and $B with a positive $E. Also ranks in top 2% for scrotal and top 5% marbling with breed average BW EPD of +2.4. Maternal weight of +22 is below breed average.
A son was high indexing Angus at the 2005 MBCIA test at Spring Grove, Mn.; second high all breeds.
Dam is still a top producer at 12 years of age with a near perfect udder.

For semen orders or more information you can E-mail Bechtum Angus or contact
Bechtum Angus
Riceville, IA 50466

Semen to be prepaid, shipping from Hawkeye Breeders, Adel, IA at buyers expense.

To purchase off of the ACS site, E-mail to purchase this entry.  List 05/20  3m
For Sale: AFTER FEB. 15, 2005 Angus semen from EUBANKS MOHICAN 715M reg # 14255274. Click on the reg # to see his epd's and pedigree. $15.00 per straw, certificates $30.00 each.

Picture coming soon.

Here is an Ohlde bred bull that is calving ease deluxe. Make sure you check out the Birth Weight and Yearling Weight spread on this proven heifer bull.

This bull has been used on commercial heifers and purebred Angus heifers and has proven to sire the smallest calves on the ranch. The bonus is they out performed the other sires calves for both weaning and yearling weights.

If you are looking for a proven bull to use on heifers, here he is.

For semen orders or more information you can call Allen Crook 580 677-9115

To purchase off of the ACS site, E-mail to purchase this entry.  List 01/28  5m

For Sale: Angus semen from EGP CLASS REUNION N53 AAA registration: 14468651. Click on the reg # to see his epd's and pedigree. $15.00 per straw, certificates $40.00 each.  

Updated GeneSTAR data as 8 STAR / 6 STAR tender:  M1= **, M2= 0, T1= **, T2= **, T3= **

Line bred EXT / 6807 with inbreeding coefficient of 15.8%.  He was the high weaning weight bull calf from his contemporary group and sires uniform, attractive patterned, lively calves that are born with ease. Performance records:  b r = 95%, w r = 109%, y r = 103%.


His EXT sire from McWilliams Ranches (H265) weaned at 119% from a dam with 114% on 9 calves (Kim-Mac 6807 of high producing Blackcap maternal line).  H265 daughters are productive, efficient cows with nice udders.


Class Reunion’s EXT / 6807 Pfeiffer dam is a pathfinder and pathfinder producer with an inter-calving period of 366 days on 7 calves before entering our ET program (b r 100%, w r 106%, y r 106%).    


Class Reunion is priced affordably at $15 / straw and $40 per certificate from this web site.

Class Reunion’s 10 STAR maternal brother, EGP NO VACANCY 3R (AAA  +15174921) by Summit Crest Sears Star Power, is also available AI.

FLASH- The pathfinder dam of Class Reunion and No Vacancy,  ("6528") is the maternal grandam to the 2005 Western National (Denver) Grand Champion Female, W C C Frontier Gal 39, shown by the Wallaces, and currently owned by Wallace Cattle, Ray's, and Express Ranches.

For semen orders or more information you can E-mail E. Glen Price or E. Glen Price (Angus Stars) for additional information at 201 Lena Lane Anadarko, Oklahoma 73005.  Phone (405) 247-3220 or cell (405) 245-4486.

For Sale: Angus semen from R/M Ultra Cash Flow 102 reg # 13834417 Click on the reg # to see his epd's and pedigree. $25.00 per straw, certificates $40.00 each.
Cash Flow is a 7+ frame bull. Along with his size he has style, individual performance, and excellent ultra sound figures which indicates strong carcass potential. This is an outcross pedigree for a lot of breeders. 

His calves birth weights have also indicated he will be an easy calving bull. He is solidly stacked for maternal. performance, and carcass. 

His stats are; birth wt. 78 lb., weaning wt. 911 lb., yearling wt. 1,314 lb.

Please click here to see his fantastic ultra sound data, read more about this bull, and see a list of some of the top progressive breeders who are already using and flushing to this bull.

For Semen orders or more information you can E-mail GMA Angus Ranch
or call George M. Avila, Merced, CA, 209-777-3786 cell or 209-383-4058,
or Larry Alves (209) 495-2575,
To purchase off of the ACS site, E-mail to purchase this entry.  List 05/04 - 
For Sale: Angus semen from Connealy VRD 869 reg # 14217885 Click on the reg # to see his epd's and pedigree. $20.00 per straw, certificates $30.00 each.
Selected as the 32,500.00 top selling bull in the 2003 Connealy Angus Ranch Bull Sale In Nebraska
Dams Production: 9 NR @ 111  8 YR @ 109. She is the grandam of the popular ABS Global featured sire, Connealy Lead On.
Individual Performance: BW: 84 lbs , 205 WT: 863 lbs  365 Wt: 1463 lbs.   205 Ratio: 121   365 Ratio: 119
Ranks in the Top 1% for WW and YW Epds among non-parent bulls.
Interim Carcass Epds: CW: + 4  MB: +.11   REA: +0.9  Fat: +0.17  %RP -.12
$Feedlot: +41.08   $Grid: +9.28   $Beef: 37.46
Frame: 6.6
Scrotal at a year: 39
EPDS: BW: +4.5   WW: +56   Milk: +22   YW+ 105
Right now the calves are averaging 85 pound birth weight at Connealy’s and at Derry Cattle Co.
I have bred him to over 100 cows from the poorest to the best on the place. I feel if he is a true breeding bull he will improve on both ends. Right now we are seeing great things from this bull and are very excited about the calves.
Calves can be viewed at Derry Cattle Co. Wood SD and can also be view at Connealy Angus Ranch Whitman NE Phone: 308-544-6552
For Semen orders or more information you can email or call the owners us E-mail Derry Cattle Co  or call 605-452-3333  or  605-452-3371
Derry Cattle Co
Wood SD

E-mail to purchase this entry.  List 04/04 -
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