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January 30, 2018

Hello Everyone, here is a short newsletter that has some words from one of our Cattlemen ACS Associates who's sale catalog has caused some interest in not only their genetics but also some information in the back of there sale catalog.

As I said last week their upcoming bull sale is on February 2nd in Burwell NE Livestock Exchange again this year. Their range environment genetics that have been tested and worked for them are being passed on to you through their production sale.

If any of you have not looked through their sale catalog and the information that Frank is sharing with all of us on the last pages of their  sale catalog on pages 20 and 21 click on sale catalog link from their web site and read for yourself.

To do this simply click on Frank's ranch name, "Spring Valley Ranch and Cattle" in his contact information below. Then when that web site comes up you can click get an overview of his sale then click on "Download the 2018 Catalog" on his web site and when your done looking at what I have been talking about you then can click on "View the Lots for sale on February 2, 2018" link to see the videos of the bulls.

Now words from our Cattlemen ACS Associate.
Ben & Sherry Andrews
Frank & Anne Taylor
85445  444th Avenue
Bassett, Nebraska 68714
Ben  402 684-3308    
Frank  612 747-4400
Click here to E-mail Ben
Click here to E-mail Frank 
"Timeless Genetics for Today’s Producer Who Seeks the Optimum Cow"
Spring Valley Ranch thanks everyone for their interest in our Bull Sale Friday, February 2, 2018, 1:00 p.m., CST at 
Burwell, Nebraska Livestock Exchange.

Hi Brian;

We finally got our changes back from the Association. . . what a process.  

Would you mind posting the attached .pdf, after the following comments.

We have a couple of changes to our catalog, which are noted in the attached chart.  

We’re glad that our comments about genetic testing, EPD analysis and other issues have drawn interest.  The Members of the Association are the owners of the Association, and need to make their respective needs and views known so that constructive changes can be made that benefit all.  
Thank you, too, for your interest in our Sale.  We hope to see you there.

Frank A. Taylor
1961 Kenwood Parkway
Minneapolis, MN 55405

Thanks for the words Frank and here is the PDF file for folks to click on to see a couple of changes in your sale catalog: Public/BullSaleChanges.pdf

As I said last week, if any of you have any questions for Frank about their upcoming sale or the genetics they are offering use the contact information above and contact this cattle program.

I will leave the words from Frank from last week's newsletter under this current news so others can see what was said in case they missed it.

Well that's it for now.

Have a great rest of the week.

Brian Weaver
Advantage Cattle Services


January 19, 2018 

Spring Valley Ranch & Cattle, L.L.C.

85445 444th Avenue

Bassett, Nebraska



January 17, 2018


            On February 2, 2018, Spring Valley Ranch & Cattle will sell at the Burwell, Nebraska Livestock Market:

·        70 Registered Black Angus Bulls;

·        7 Commercial Bulls; and

·        15 Registered Black Angus Fall Pairs.

The Sale will start at 1:00 p.m., CST. 

            The Bulls were sired by Columbus of Wye, perhaps the best bull produced by the famous Wye Plantation; Rito 707, bred by Dale and Betty Davis and the foundation sire of many great herds; F0203, the pre-eminent sire of the Pioneer Beef program; Rito 149, another foundation sire of many great herds, OCC Broadside, which represents many of the grand attributes of the Ohlde program, Sinclair Express 6V47, which expresses the best of N Bar genetics, Rito 054 of the Gartner Denowh program and other excellent bulls.

            We strive to produce animals that will build and maintain the optimum, functional cowherd, which will be profitable for today’s producer.  To do so, we believe it is essential to use genetics that have been established . . . and proven . . . over generations.

          This does not mean we throw away the “modern” genetics used by segments of the industry and embodied in the EPD system.  Rather, we use certain EPDs to “check” our work.  Rest assured that we do not use $B, a terminal index, as our North Star of success and our single trait selector. 

There is more to breeding than simple algorithms and equations.  We’d rather put our stock in the history, experience and the knowledge of great breeders of cattle.

We encourage you to read our Sale Catalog to learn more about our breeding philosophy and our views of “modern” genetics and EPDs.  The Sale Catalog also provides a bit of history about the Angus Breed, which you might find interesting.  You might see there’s a Candolier Forever 376 daughter for sale.

Our Sale Catalog may be accessed and the Bulls viewed through our website –, and the website for  We’ll be interested in hearing your thoughts about our breeding philosophy and views expressed in the last two pages of the Sale Catalog and throughout the remainder of the catalog. 

We will provide an update next Friday and the Tuesday before the Sale.  Watch our website for additional developments. 

Have a Grand 2018! 

Thanks a lot Frank for sharing with all of us. Folks if you have any questions for Frank please don't hesitate to use his contact information above and get in touch with these folks. They have been a great group to do business with here and you will see the same thing.

Well that's it for now.

Have a great rest of the week.

Brian Weaver
Advantage Cattle Services