Our grandson Brody Gordon Weaver

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I'm 8 years old people. Let's eat cake. This boy is growing up way too fast!! 


Brody at 6 years 10 months. He is in 1st grade and loves school.
We have another "brainiac". Does really well in math and science.
Fun for Grandma and Grandpa to hear him tell about his interests.


Brody 5 years old. My first day of school.
Off to my adventure of higher learning.


"Cowboys like us, sure do have fun"
I hope you all can see I got my cowboy look on my face!
(Picture taken October 2012) 


Now this is how you check cows in style!

Pretty fancy set of wheels, huh. 


Grandpa is checking out my new 4-wheeler.

See Grandma, this is how it works. 


Come on guys, I'm waiting. 
Let's get the show on the road.

See you all down the trail.

The End! 

(For this session any way) 

4-wheeler pics taken 05/29/2011



Grandpa and I are laughing at Grandma trying to take our picture on Christmas day 2010.

Grandma and I went swimming at a place she calls the fitness center on January 2011. I heard people talking about it being so cold outside on this day but it was not cold in here. I guess Grandma is hiding behind the slide when it came time for pictures. 


I am a year old and helping Grandpa feed the cattle. 
I really like to drive the tractor.


Here we are feeding and somehow Grandpa gets feed in the bunks with my help.

How's this work Grandpa?


Me with my 1st birthday balloon and my Aunt Julie and Great Aunt Ilene.

They tell me to rip off this paper and Mom is giving me a hand.


Here I am at 8 months and my first Christmas. 
Who needs a pony when I got Uncle Josh and Aunt Julie's puppy, Gracee



Let's see what we have inside here Dad.

I got socks that light up and they taste pretty good too.


Looks like all kinds of neat stuff to play with and chew on.

Hey guys, get this hat off me.



Here I am at 6 months. Grandma still says I am a sweetie and I think that is a good thing.

This face gets me attention most every time.



We are having fun now!

Can I get some privacy around here. I am trying to take my bath.


Go Cyclones!.

Let's eat.


I am getting bigger. I am 2 months old and love to eat. Grandma says I am a sweetie, whatever that means.

I heard grandpa say it is hard for him to get any work done when I come to visit.


Here I am about 6 weeks old with daddy.

Here I am with my mommy. Life is good!!


Just you wait and see what I can get in to.

Daddy and I when I was brand new.









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